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Real Time Recommender for Telehealth

AlohaMD designed a medical intent classifier for text and image data in real time. Combined with a custom recommendation model, we improved Doctor response time by 68%.

AlohaMD leveraged its Chat Intelligence solution to analyze large volumes of patient messages to a major telehealth platform. The engagement entailed extracting patient interactions, conversation meta-data, analyzing sentiemnt, building neural word models and cominbing all of this data to predict Patient Medical Intent. The key outcomes from this project included:

  • Speeding up detection of positive instances for expediated responses
  • The ability to identify future medical intent with over 83% accuracy. This model can be used as a tool to identify and enable proactive messaging of at-risk Patients
  • A deeper understanding of reasons for Patient interactions and how customer sentiment varied across these reasons
  • The ability to measure true sentiment versus that which was self-reported from client surveys
Real Time Recommender for Telehealth
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